Thursday, February 21, 2013

day 18...

a dear friend, Julie, was in town visiting and came over to help me cook dinner tonight. it may have been the best dinner i've had during this whole challenge. we made fish tacos, sans the tortilla, and slaw from her self-published recipe book easy meals. we included kale salad and avacado. there was so much texture and depth to every bite. thank you Julie for spending the time with us and as always teaching me something new about cooking and nutrition.

day 18 and i can't imagine going back. as each day passes by, i feel stronger, happier, healthier and more motivated. since i already keep gluten and diary out of my diet because of allergies it may be in my best interest to stay as true as i can to paleo. 

today i read this; it's better to be restrictive than moderate. 

this rings so true to me and may just become my motto.

yes, this lifestyle takes much effort and so much planning and thinking ahead but it still is worth the  inconvenience it causes at times. as the days pass by it becomes less consuming and more fulfilling. 


  1. That looks amazing! I'll come to dinner anytime!

    This morning at breakfast D and I talked about that quote and about how much more difficult moderation is going to be, especially as the months pass. I have learned so much from doing this challenge and although I am ready to add a number of things back into my life, I plan to incorporate many new habits permanently.

  2. i love hearing this K. I think when we challenge and push ourselves out of our comfort zone we grow and change happens. even if it's the slightest, smallest baby step it's one that is healthy and in the right direction. i don't even think it matters what type of challenge it is, any challenge towards optimal health and well being is awesome!

    one of my biggest lessons i learned is moderation is way more difficult for me than being restrictive. it is what it is and i accept the challenge moving forward.