Monday, February 4, 2013

day one

i'm not sure if being paleo is sustainable but i do like a challenge. it's mid monday afternoon i am feeling it. i'm getting close to my usual mid afternoon snack….thankfully i'm busy and can't trying not to pay attention to those cravings. 

after crossfit this morning i went and picked up my groceries (tj's & costco) and came home and cooked. i first made my after crossfit usual which i consider to be an early lunch. this is 1 egg + 2 egg whites with chopped tomato, cucumber and avocado on top. i added a tablespoon of sunshine sauce to replace my hummus.

here's the deal, this challenge is going to be hard work. there is a lot of food shopping, food prepping and cooking and the worst part cleaning! unless you're buying your food already made that's just how it goes. it's time consuming but i still think it's worth it and i am hoping that i will continue to get faster at all the prep and cooking so that i don't feel like i am in the kitchen most of my day. just put on some tunes and turn it up!

i just finished cooking well fed's chili and it's awesome! i also took a small sweet potato and cut it thinly baked it at 350 for about 15 minutes as part of my lunch while cooking the chili.

make sure you always have paper & pen (or your preferable phone app) in the kitchen so you can write ingredients that you are running low on and any notes that you need to make. 

how's your first day going? 

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