Saturday, February 9, 2013

friday reflection

this week had it's up and downs; 

finding a balance in eating foods that sustain me
being in the kitchen at times too long cooking and chopping
not having dinner prepared wednesday night until it was too late, on the flipside thursday lunch was delicious

challenging myself in a way that i usually feel discouraged at crossfit, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone on thursday (loads of running, if you know me, you know i highly dislike running)
having an amazing support system through this hard workout at my gym cfec….thank you trainers and friends
seeing my nutrionist diana, whom i haven't seen in over 6 months
cooking some delicious dinners and feeding my family, this is my favorite time of the day. i love talking and connecting over food
not having any temptations over a huge family friday night feast (18 people). staying focused on my 21 day challenge

staying focused and paleo is effort. going on day 6 i feel great, full of energy and possibly lighter. i don't have a scale or weigh myself but i am confident in saying i'm getting closer to my goal of 2013

this morning's breakfast

pieces of banana with almond butter, great snack idea, they were a hit
any thing good on your plate?

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