Friday, February 15, 2013

friday reflection

i had such a great but very busy week. so glad i finally have the chance to sit down and reflect. 

i can't believe we are half way through the challenge. i hope to continue the challenge even when the 21 days are up. my body feels so good with no sugars, gluten and diary. i have massive amounts of energy and go all day long with out feeling sluggish around 3pm like i usually do. i crave carbs and coffee around 3pm everyday but that has gone away and i don't even think about it anymore and am usually doing something fun outside with the kids.

here are some of my highlights from the week

tuesdays WOD
Squats  80-64-48-32-24-12
KB Swing  53#/35#  40-32-24-16-12-6
Pull Ups 20-16-12-8-6-3

First round looks like this:  80 Squats, 40 KB Swings and 20 Pull Ups.

Second rouund looks like this: 64 Squats, 32 KB Swings and 16 Pull Ups.
And so on.

i beat my time from back in september by almost 10 minutes. 

i went to crossfit 5 days this week, taking thursday off. i am ready for another break tomorrow but am sure i will be hitting it on sunday. 
there are days i don't feel like going or while i am working out am hating it but i never regret going once it's done. 

here's a delicious recipe from this week:

Lemon chicken with coconut and capers:

2 chicken breasts, slice each breast in half lengthwise. so that you have 4 thin slices. I pound all 4 slices and season each one with salt.
Heat your pan on medium high and add 1 tbsp of coconut oil, once you've added the chicken to your pan add the juice from  1 whole lemon all over the chicken. If you have small lemons you may want to add the juice from two. also depends how lemony you like it. i love lemon so i add to tend more than less. 
now add unsweetened shredded coconut and capers (optional) over your chicken and let it cook for about 5-6 minutes on each side. cover pan. if the bottom of the pan seems dry you can add wine, water or broth so that the chicken stays moist and the pan doesn't burn.

do you have any paleo recipes you want to share? please do, we all are always looking for some good ideas

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