Sunday, February 10, 2013

meal planning

i remember how at the beginning of eating paleo, at times, i felt lost. i couldn't come up with any dinner ideas and it just seemed like more effort than i wanted to spend. now looking back, it is well worth the effort and i don't have enough time with all the recipes i want to try. it is becoming easier the more i experiment and i am enjoying everyday (except those days, you know those crazy chaotic kid days). 

to get you started i made a sample menu of my 21 day paleo challenge. this should get you thinking and planning. eventually i'll have all the recipes from this menu up on the blog but for now it will hopefully give you the push you need.

* Paleo CF's = Paleo Comfort foods

i started my challenge on february 4th so that is why the calendar starts there. this is just a sample of dinners you could find me making. this easily changes at my house, i'm not much of planner and go more with what either i feel like making, am in the mood for, or if i am feeling experimental i will try something new. i definietly feel a leftover day is necessary to clear the fridge out for the new coming in.  i try and make enough for dinner and lunch the next day. here's a great example of our dinner tonight, we made way more sausage and chicken then what we needed for dinner, enough for tomorrow too.

are you a meal planner? 

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