Monday, February 11, 2013

the "before" workout challenge...

sunday i did my "before" workout challenge. this workout is done in the first week of the 21 day paleo challenge. today was the day, i have been mentally prepared for this day. thinking about what my goal was in this challenge. i only had one…to beat my time in my one mile run. and i beat it by ONE WHOLE MINUTE. i was so excited to finally be under 10 minutes (yes you read that correctly, i'm really slow) i came in at 9:16 which for me is huge. my goal was to come in by 9:30 and i even beat that. anything is possible. when i first started 6 months ago i couldn't even jog a mile. i would have to walk a few steps between all my hard breathing.

this is my results in the "before" first week challenge, i will do it again in the last few days of the 21 day paleo challenge. thanks to Peter and Allison for doing it with me, supporting me and giving me a good pace to try and keep up with. isn't that one of the beauties of crossfit, the energy that you give and receive from others? a great human experience!

1 mile run [9:16]
rest 2 minutes
max push up reps in 2 minutes [23]
max sit up reps in 2 minutes [55]
max squat reps in 2 minutes [53]

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