Monday, February 25, 2013

the evolving paleo lifestyle

it's over, our challenge is over. but i am continuing, i'm sure it's out of  necessity and comfort. 

i was unable to cook saturday night since i was exhausted from nursing a sick kid back to health all day so we decided we would grab a protein style hamburger from In N Out. BAD IDEA. i was so sick. my body is only ok with clean foods. fresh, healthy, clean. i can't stand feeling sick and bloated. so i am continuing a paleo lifestyle, not as a challenge anymore.

i am so much better at planning. thinking ahead when and what i need at the grocery store. what days i need to make a crockpot dish. when i need to cook and stock the refrigerator. it's becoming more of a habit rather than a pressured chore. 

this week we are celebrating. we are throwing my father a 70th birthday party and loads of family from the homeland, Uruguay, are coming to party. there are scheduled events thursday, friday, saturday night and sunday morning. all will be feasts. my 95 year old Abuela, arrived a few days ago, so i went to my parents house on sunday and cooked up a delicious paleo lunch for everyone. i have fond memories of sunday lunches from when i was a little girl. we always sat down for dinner while growing up, but i clearly remember my moms sunday lunches where the 5 of us would gather together when everyone was a bit more relaxed and not so rushed from the week. 

we had my mom's amazing homemade pureed veggie soup, 3 different kind of salads, lamb, chicken and sausage for lunch. it felt so good to cook with my mom and for my family.

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