Friday, February 15, 2013

Trail Mix Recipe

where did this week go?! i have been so busy and wanting to write this delicious trail mix recipe i came up with all week.  crossfit kicked my ass this week, in a great way, between that and being on my 12th day of the challenge i feel amazing. 

my friend allison, who is also doing this challenge, gave me her recipe for her trail mix. i modified it and added a few things to mine. i keep this in my car and eat a handful if i need a snack. i had a meeting at my daughters school on wednesday night and didn't have time for dinner, thankfully i had this on me and munched on some during the meeting. it saved me. 

ruthie's trail mix

raw almonds
sunflower seeds
coconut chips 
dried cranberries
*unsweetned shredded coconut
* slivered almonds

* i toast these on a pan for a good smoky crunch and add it to the mix. you could also add walnuts and/or cashews. watch your coconut and almonds carefully, these toast qiuckly and can burn if your not paying attention.

remember if your trying to lose weight do not eat too much, this is high in calories and fat. 

i have gotten rid of my pasta and rice drawer and it has now become full of delicious nuts and seeds. 

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