Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Reflection

i've been thinking all week about the story i want to tell behind these images. i'll let Peter tell you his when he sits down and writes a post. mine is complex, yet simple. i love to eat and for a long time i didn't like to move very much. i ate all the wrong foods, whatever my heart desired at times. overweight didn't happen to me just because my pregnancies, i've struggled through it as long as i can remember. it's been painful at times to feel helpless and that i will never look as skinny as all my friends. but it's part of my journey all along and i know it's taking me to a place of acceptance, helping others who struggle and teaching my kids to be healthy and conscious of taking care of their bodies. teaching them tolerance and acceptance of themselves and others in how we look (as well as religion, beliefs, cultures, etc). we are all made differently and beauty lies within us all in so many different forms. 

i hit rock bottom after giving birth to my second child. that was such a pivotal point in my journey. my brother was getting married four weeks after i gave birth. i had nothing to wear and remember sitting in the fitting room crying my eyes out because i didn't know who this person was or whose body i was staring at in those large mirrors under horrible lighting. the next day i made an appointment with my nutrionist, the same one i had seen 7 years prior. here i learned how good i can feel if i fuel my body properly. i always walked around bloated and uncomfortable but ignored the feeling, i didn't want to be bothered by it all. through blood work and different testings, my nutrionist concluded i was gluten sensitive and lactose intolerant. she removed all gluten, sugars, egg, diary and  made sure i added exercise to my daily routine. i turned my life around, gained control, stopped feeling bloated and uncomfortable and captured a little bit of confidence again. i've added eggs back into my life and am not as strict as i had to be back then but try to stick to eating to fuel my body rather then abuse my body.

i remember talking to a someone about swimming in the ocean and my fear of it. i will never forget the simple words they said next, "get over it". for some reason that rang so true and right to me. just get over your fears and do it. what's the worst that can happen? you fail? and? so, what? don't we need to fail to learn how to do it right? if we try won't we feel alive? i am still working on this. i still need to get in the ocean more often and try a little harder at things that frighten me but i always have those words whispering in my head and i try to get over it and go for it. so i will leave you with that for now;
do you have a saying that you stick by to help you through challenges? please share!


  1. Wow!!! You are amazing and beautiful! All of your hard work, determination and growth is so inspiring. I remember the wedding and how hard it was. Heavy stuff. You are kickin butt in the gym and in the kitchen! I'm sorry I haven't written in here before-you need to be recognized for your hard work. You are gorgeous in and out! xoxo I'll see you at the box ;)

    1. thanks Allison, you have definitely been part of my journey with your support, motivation and love! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful and Brave. You've had a powerful journey and story to share. I look forward to watching it continue to unfold as it helping others on their journeys. You are the best xx