Saturday, March 9, 2013


earlier this week i realized i have been doing crossfit for 9 months. this is a huge accomplishment for me and i feel so satisfied using this method of exercise in my life. i love the workouts, the support i receive from other crossfitters and trainers, i love giving support to others and seeing how every couple of  weeks i get a little bit faster, stronger and leaner. it's been a lot of hard work and well worth it all. 

i've decided I am going to set a new workout goal every monday, this week was to go to crossfit ever day, monday thru friday. i usually go 5x per week but take off a wednesday and saturday or some combo like that. 

i did it! now it's time to take the weekend off and recover. this is what my workout week looked like. 

do you have a workout goal for next week? please share!

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