Wednesday, March 6, 2013


dreaming of nature and travel

i've been busy thinking, re-assessing, checking in with myself. i feel a shift coming on, not sure what it is yet, it's stirring up. here are a few things i've been doing, thinking and feeling;

~ starting a healing circle for my mom's group

~ working really hard at crossfit

    : my goal is to go at least 5x a week
    : run an extra mile 2 to 3x a week after class

~ making sure the kitchen is always stocked properly so we can always eat clean

~ making sure to spend extra time with my girls outside on their bikes and practicing piano and  gymnsatics

~ thinking of this space and how i can inspire

~ spending time looking for my own inspirations

~ wanting to take courses/classes in health, nutrition and coaching (helping people make healthier choices and motivate them)

~ feeling really healthy and strong about my lifestyle choices

~ wanting to get out out into nature and travel

could this feeling be spring right around the corner?


  1. You are rocking it woman! I love your dedication to this lifestyle. What's great is once you make positive changes in one area of your life, it overflows into all the other areas. Pretty soon you whole life will be transformed. You are inspiring! And I'd love to make some joint travel plans for the year and beyond :)

  2. Thanks Karina! You have helped inspire me in so many ways! And yes please let's go travel....