Sunday, March 3, 2013

tested and celebrated

this past week and weekend I have been tested. the paleo challenge has ended but i am committed to staying paleo. starting last thursday our family was in full feast celebration mode for my fathers 70th birthday. we had many family members fly in from uruguay, where my parents are from, including my 92 year old grandmother. i hosted and catered a party thursday night with the foreigners favorite, jewish deli. there is not much to eat other than tuna, egg, whitefish salad and some lox, which unfortunate i am not fond of. i was able to pull through thursday night with no wrong doing committed.

friday was a mexican fiesta at my brothers house. i will admit i had a few tortilla chips along with my carne asada and guacamole. this was so hard to resist since tortilla chips is definitely one of my achilles heel. i was able to stay away from the desserts and stick with fruit. 

saturday was the big celebration. i have been planning and putting my heart and love into this event. we  had this special gathering at il fornaio in coronado as it was spectacular. it was really important to make this event special for my father. he has always given everyone else his time, love, humanity, and support. other than a few mojitas and yes, a few bites of dessert, the night was one we all will remember.

 {four generations}
{Peter and I toasting}

{me and my dad}

do you and your families feast every time there is a celebration? how do stay strong and have will power?

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