Monday, April 29, 2013

Celebration [Disneyland]

i think Peter was way more excited meeting the princesses then the girls. don't you think? 

as much as i am not a huge fan of princesses, for obvious reasons, i want my girls to be kick ass warrior women when they grow up without needing a prince and happy ever after fairytale story. however, i love seeing them get so excited with wide eyes and huge smiles. 

we enjoyed rides, parades and meeting all kinds of characters. it's good to let go and just enjoy. my favorite part of our whole disney experience was being together without any other obligations. we all laughed, held on tight, squeezed each other's hand on scary rides, and gave each other looks of excitement throughout the day.  


  1. yes, i do think :).
    {so cute}

  2. luckily the princess thing fades pretty quick. i feel the same, but it is so cute seeing them in awe.