Monday, April 1, 2013

escape to health

somehow we managed to escape the flu this season but now are getting hit with strep throat like the black plague and it keeps on coming back.....i haven't had much energy or motivation and it just doesn't feel right since i am usually a non-stop moving machine.

to get me back in the mood i have been searching new salad recipes for some inspiration to feed my soul back to health. don't these look amazing?!

i will adapt some of these recipes to stay diary free and paleo but most of them are already there.
Happy eating and hope you are all feeling healthy!


  1. Remarkably even after a family get together, we are still feeling healthy. I love the ideal lunch salad and the kale salad with grapefruit, will definitely give them a try. Hope you are feeling better soon. xx

  2. These recipes are looking delish! I will have to try a few out with all the veggies I'm getting from our CSA. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you back in the gym manana. :)