Friday, April 5, 2013

reflection over coffee

as this blog evolves, i measure it in three parts;

  • accountability on my journey. a place where i take risks, be vulnerable by sharing stories and struggles and try to be courageous
  • a place of motivation for others who struggle with weight, getting started or want to change, become healthier and don't know where to start or may be too scared to seek help. a community that supports and shares struggles and triumphs. recipes. 
  • the third is unknown and what i search for. part of my journey that has yet to reveal itself.
if you're in a place of struggle or fear to start working out or eating healthy remember this;
  • by showing up (at the gym or placing healthy alternatives in your grocery basket) you have made a choice and have let your wall down. it's the first and at times scariest step to take. be proud, own it and know that you are brave.
  • start with small goals. walking or going to the gym once a week. eliminating sugar for two weeks before making another healthy choice. 
  • talk to someone, a friend, a coach, a trainer, your doctor, someone at the gym or me. when you discuss what your feeling you become vulnerable and your dread changes shape and allows you to get closer to your goal.
  • acknowledge your fears, write them down and let them go.
  • find motivation or inspiration. could be Pinterest, old photos of yourself, friends, books, people at the gym.
  • look at others who are in shape not with jealousy or insecurity but with admiration and drive. they too had to take their first steps into the gym. 
  • there is no miracle, it's in your hands to change. it doesn't begin in the gym or at the dinner table but in your mind. 
  • don't be hard on yourself, be grateful for being in a place of reflection and change.
i too face fears and struggles daily but it's when i walk in the gym that i make redefine myself and feel fantastic after a workout. i feel good that i accomplished something that once intimidated me to the core. i am usually the slowest and weakest at the workouts but by being vulnerable in front of the trainers and all gym goers, that's when i make change not only on the outside but more importantly inside.  

for me this is so much more than the way i look. it's about not allowing myself to be numb anymore but to feel more alive, not allowing the worst of myself to get the best of me. to feel like a warrior and not like a weak link in my mind and body. i think these feelings manifest themselves in peoples journeys in so many different ways, mine right now, happens to be with helping myself so i can help others.


  1. "to feel like a warrior and not like a weak link in my mind and body" ... y e s... this is how i want to feel. working on it. :)

    1. small steps will get you there and don't be hard on yourself....I'm working on it too :)